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About Me

       Improving Operations and Financial Management for Competitive Advantage

As a finance transformation and digital professional, I help finance leaders, in both the public and private sectors, designed and implement changes in their finance operations, processes and systems in-order to accelerate their business.

I focus on adding value by providing the strategic and analytical skills, the data-driven insights, as well as the required change related business process to achieve results. I’m accustomed to the challenges involved in working in demanding atmospheres. I bring value, flexibility, accountability and commitment.

How I Can Add Value to Your Organization:

I understand the challenges that companies are facing with their finance functions, and as your consultant I can help:

  • Provide ongoing support in expense monitoring, month end closing, variance analysis, forecasting, and budget planning
  • Analyze business performance using financial and statistical techniques to monitor business trends and the effectiveness of strategic initiatives
  • Build and enhance financial models to forecast and report on revenues, expenses, and financial performance
  • Communicate financial report findings and provide quantitative, data-driven insight to company leaders to drive smart decision-making and improve business results
  • Define business requirements and conduct current state/future state analysis
  • Standardize and automate routine procedures where possible to increase efficiency, reduce potential errors and improve quality
  • Leverage the power of business intelligence reporting tools for corporate decisions

Functional Capabilities:

The following list a sampling of functions indicating the roles I have delivered throughout my consulting career.

  • Assisted a software company with implementing Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 audit compliance and revenue recognition for software licenses
  • Helped an international consulting company with auditing misstatement of revenue recognition and sub-contractor reviews to ensure compliance with SEC regulations
  • Developed and implemented effective strategic business solutions through research and analysis of data and business processes for a Government-sponsored enterprise
  • Worked with a team of consultants, on a multibillion-dollar financial restatement project in assessing whether impairment indicators existed on financial instruments
  • Consulted at a global private investment bank in performing system audit on INVESTRAN Accounting System to ensure data integrity  
  • Developed financial models and tools, including cost-benefit analysis, resource utilization models and performance reports for a large financial firm
  • Hired by a large international real estate company in identifying and documenting business processes re-engineering opportunities including current and future-state process flows of the Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) system

Personal and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Communicating – Provides the information people need to know to do their jobs
  • Problem solving – Use rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; is resourceful and self-reliant in finding solutions and can work independently with limited supervision
  • Process management – good at figuring out the process necessary to get things done and how to separate and combine tasks into efficient workflow
  • Organizing – can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Written communication- is able to write clearly and can get messages across that have the desired effect

In today's business world, flexibility is critical, which is why I can be call to augment the skills of firm's existing staff or provide the skills and experience needed to help your company stabilize and optimize business operations

Sampling of Past Engagement Clients

I was hired as a Business Analyst/Change Management Consultant to develop strategy to fully leverage the company MRI software and to identify solutions to meet the company growing needs.

Key accomplishments included:

  • Pre-implementation of Corporate Real Estate module (UAT on 180 Corporate Leases)
  • Helped the company in successfully achieve $280 Million in investments
  • Reviewed current & future business process needs as they relate to future system setup decisions
  • Developed check list tools, procedures and training for the accounting department.
  • Conducted an assessment of the current processes within leasing and accounting/finance
  • Evaluated customized reports and Excel spreadsheets that were being used and    streamline processes using MRI’s standard reports
  • Implemented check list-tools, procedures and training for the AR department which resulted in the reduction of past due receivables by over 50% within 6 months

As a Management Consultant, I was hired to implement Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 audit procedures and performed revenue recognition for a large software company.  Key accomplishments included:

  • Developing an internal filling process system to track contract and    issues which helped standardized the approval process and reduced cycle time from one week to two days
  • Analyzing multi-million dollar software licenses for recognition and compliance by applying revenue recognition guidance as provided by US. GAAP
  • Meeting with subject matter experts to document process flows and controls.
  • Executing, documenting and testing of key SOX 404 controls

As a Management Consultant at a Government-sponsored enterprise, I was hired to manage project work plans and staffing plans for the Making Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) Key accomplishments included:

  • Collaborating with various business units to perform cost benefit analysis
  • Developing a project tracking system to improve efficiency of managing various product development projects
  • Contributing in defining performance metrics to support all staffing and product initiatives
  • Recommending actions plans to address any deficiencies which enabled managers to effectively improve their staffing plan and performance trending

As a Business Analyst Consultant for a large hospitality real estate company, I was hired to develop and recommend draft template and workflow processes to demonstrate the current constraints of the Capital Expenditure (CAPX) reporting process by showcasing various benefits of integrating a web-based requisition and workflow tracking system. Key accomplishments included: 

  • Interviewing the company’s stakeholders
  • Reviewing and documenting their existing processes
  • Developing the “As Is” Situation Analysis
  • Designing and recommending draft and process flow templates

As a Business Analyst Consultant at a Government- sponsored enterprise, I was hired to manage and mitigate risk of a complex investment portfolio of $80 billion. Key accomplishments included:

  • Mitigating operational risk by partnering closely with mortgage servicers
  • Analyzing, and tracking the firm asset management process related to various debt securities
  • Performing testing documentation (i.e., process flows, requirements document & procedures)
  • Creating training information for servicers for improving debt securities reporting, resulting in a 65% decrease in portfolio risk


As part of a large engagement team, I was as hired as a Management Consultant to audit multi-million dollar misstatement of revenue recognition and sub-contractor reviews to ensure compliance with AICPA and SEC regulations at a large consulting firm.  Key accomplishments included

  • Analyzing revenue streams and key contracts to identify the specific revenue recognition for accounting and financial reporting
  • Applying accounting principles and Sarbanes-Oxley standards
  • Documenting testing of key controls for business processes.

Education & Training

SAP FICO Training- October 2011-December 2011


Finance & Accounting Implementation Module Training

Business Analyst- 2008


Business Analyst Training Course


Marymount University

Concentration in Finance



Related Courses: Principle of Accounting, I, II, Intermediate Accounting I, Cost Accounting

Management Consultant For Hire

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